Saturday, July 23, 2016

Android app for Yuva Bengaluru (NGO)

What is more satisfactory than working for an NGO !! We are proud and excited to announce the release of 'Yuva Bengaluru' android app developed by us.

Yuva Bengaluru works in the area of Education, Empowerment and Enabling young poor children who are deprived of their rights due to financial condition. More about yuva at

Yuva Bengaluru Mission is to To unite and inspire today’s youth to take action for what they believe in, and empower them to take a stand on those issues
Thanks to Mr. Kiran Sagar (Founder and President), Mrs. Swetha (Secretary) and the entire Yuva Team for giving us this wonderful opportunity to develop the app.

If you are an NGO or know someone looking for such apps, please contact us at We shall happy to help you and do it for free !!

App is available for Android users through Google Play store link

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